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Open Door Ministries Helping Hands

Sponsorship Program

After starting our Tennis program in 2017, and offering instruction through group clinics and private lessons, we are seeing the success we envisioned. More and more residents are becoming aware of our program and interest is growing. As this interest grows, we have found that there are families who would like very much to participate and learn this wonderful sport, but they unfortunately can not afford the cost.


In response to this, we have created a sponsorship program, Open Door Ministries Helping Hands, to help offset or completely cover the cost of tennis instruction for deserving families.


As a caring individual contributor, you can give the wonderful gift of tennis to a child in need. When learned correctly, the strategies and mental aspect of tennis extend well beyond the activity and enrich many other parts of each life.

 Through our Sponsorship Program you can help a child with their full or partial sponsorship. Any size donation is appreciated.


Open Door Ministries has been wonderful for our children. They look forward to each lesson and have learned so much from the caring and patient instructors. We have seen increases in their confidence in many other areas as they have grown in their mastery of tennis. Our family has found a sport that we all enjoy through Open Door Ministries and it has been an amazing experience for our family. We are so grateful to have been given this opportunity through their sponsorship program


- Stephanie Danelz

Friendly Reminder:
$40 Sponsors a child for 1 day a week for 4 weeks.

$68 Sponsors 2 children for 1 day/4 weeks.

$88 Sponsors 3 children for 1 day/4 weeks.

$108 Sponsors 4 children for 1 day/4 weeks.

$128 Sponsors 5 children for 1 day/4 weeks.

Let us know if you would like to keep your donation anonymous, otherwise we will publicize donations in our monthly public post of contributors. We encourage all donors to share this opportunity with others to reach as many students in need as possible.

Ball on Tennis Court


Open Door Ministries scholarship program is an organization that I am happy to support as it fills a gap that is deeply in need. A Christian based organization that promotes healthy living, team building, and positive growth in an expanding community.

— Rachael Lasher

If you would like to donate please contact us at ODMSWC@GMAIL.COM

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