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The Mission

   The heart of the mission of Open Door Ministries has always been to provide for free the physical and material needs of less fortunate citizens who cannot afford to pay and at a reasonable cost to those who can afford to pay while ministering to the spiritual needs of all in the process. We aim to follow the same vision as we seek to build the Open Door Ministries Sports & Wellness Center. Our dream is to build and operate a facility where all people are welcomed to come enjoy its use and improve their health and wellbeing.


    Will you consider donating to help us fund this vision to bring this excellent sport option to our community and give our citizens another means by which they can improve their health and well-being? Email us at ODMSWC@gmail. com to donate. Thank you for believing in the vision!

   The benefits of tennis are many. From education to mental and  physical health, tennis is a sport that benefits multiple areas of life. Building a strong tennis community with a facility equipped to host recreational play as well as competitive events can have positive effects on the community as a whole.

   Our vision is to build a facility with at least 36 full size courts where families can receive tennis instruction and have a place to play recreational and even competitive tennis.


  With your help Open Door  Ministries Sports & Wellness Center can go from being a daring dream to an awesome reality.

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