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Sara Giannelli

PTR certified Instructor

ODM Director/Administrator

Website/Social Media Manager

Junior Team Tennis Captain

Volunteer Coached for Berkeley High School

Hired Coach for St. Stephen elementary school

   I started teaching tennis in the summer of 2016 at the Hamlets tennis courts in Goose Creek with Mrs. Peggy Bachofner. Since then, I have Coached for Peggy Bachofner in Goose Creek & Charleston, Joann Lee in Mt. Pleasant, as an assistant coach for Berkeley Highschool, a Coach for the Wings program at St. Stephen elementary school, as well as an internship at Topspin in Columbia, and sit ins with the head coach of the men's Citadel team, Coach Chuck Kriese.


Although the point of teaching tennis is to make great players my first goal is to make sure my students know Jesus. This life is short and when I stand before the throne God will not ask me, “How many tournaments have your players won? Did any of them get college scholarships? How many of your students went pro?” But He will ask me, “Did you tell them about me? Did you pray for them and with them? Did you encourage them to seek a personal relationship with me?”


When they stand before the throne God will not ask them, “Did you get a college scholarship? How many trophies did you win? Did you play the best you could” But He will ask them, “Did you listen and obey me? " 


My #1 priority is to make sure my students have a relationship with God before they leave this earth and tennis is my mission ground.


   - Sara Giannelli

Contact info

Ph: (843) 934-6056


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