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Anytime class is canceled an email will be sent out. When you sign up your email is added to the mailing list. At the end of each session there will be a make-up week. This 1 week break between sessions is when you would come out to make-up for any days you missed due to rain or canceled classes. This week is not part of the session and there are no scheduled classes during this week other than for those who need a makeup or schedule a 1 on 1 private or group private. 

This means that if you need a make-up, you must text or call Coach Sara to let her know you will be coming that week for a make-up. Any messages that come the day of will not be accepted.




Payment is up front. We accept cash, check, or online payment through Paypal. 

All payments are final.


Student Responsibility


Students are responsible for:

*Wearing proper tennis attire: Please wear sneakers and activewear. No flip flops or tight clothing allowed, ex Leggings, compression shorts, tight fitted shirts. 

*Bringing water with them to class

*All students are expected to treat other students and coaches with respect,

*Treat all tennis equipment with care, (Rackets,Balls,Cones, ect...)

*Throwing away their trash.

Using Courts


If you want to come out and use courts, please contact Coach Sara to make sure courts are available to use. The courts first priority are Clinics and Privates. 


You must provide your own balls and rackets to play. There is a fee of $3 per person for use of lights. Only coaches are allowed to go into the Ball Shed. Players and parents are not allowed to take anything out of the Ball Shed.

Only clinic participants are allowed on court during their scheduled class time. This means siblings are not allowed on the court during class time. When you arrive for your class please remain off court until your scheduled clinic starts. We have added this policy for safety reasons.


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