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Words of a Mother

We received a message from Julie the mother of Justin, an autistic child, who takes private lessons here at ODMSWC. She sent some very encouraging words that has really uplifted our spirits because it is the type of impact that we are trying to have in our community. The following is what she sent us..

Good Afternoon,

I wanted to share the wonderful news since you are what made this possible. Justin and I went out to the tennis court today. Today marks the first day ever that Justin was able to play a tennis game. He was able to serve the ball and hit consistent volleys. To top it off he beat me at his first game. We tried a second game but he only had enough focus for one.

Tennis has truly changed Justin's life. I felt a hope today and a great joy. Justin struggles consistently with Autism and it robs him of being able to focus, having self confidence, and making him overly frustrated. Seeing him play today, I saw improvements in all of those areas.

Thank you for all the patience, prayers, and hard work you put in to help Justin improve. Your organization is a prayer come true. We will continue to pray for the Lord to bless your ministry.

God Bless!

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